Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Living Room- RFL Home & Garden Expo Post

Wow, do I have a lot to show you in this post. More fantastic finds from the Home & Garden Expo. The pictures shown are all taken inside the Potomac Home called Brookside, which I showed in this previous post.   It is a permanent part of my land now, we have totally fallen in love with it.
 Below is a map of area Hope 9, the area sponsored by Potomac Homes and the one I was assigned to blog.

 We are going to start upstairs in the loft bedroom. Here, I placed the modest bedroom set by Dekute Dekore. This is a donation item, 100% of the proceeds going to Relay for Life. All pieces of the set have a texture change hud so you can fit it to your own preference. The bed has couple as well as single animations, and is a PG bed. The lamp turns on and off when you click on it to illuminate the area for a great romantic feel.

Dekute Dekore

[Mesh] Modest Bedroom Set -Donation Item 1 Li, Solo & Couples Cuddles (PG) Animations, Texture/Color Change Menus

Next we are going to head downstairs to the living room, where I have placed a furniture set by True North Designs. This is a new release making it's debut at the fair at a special introductory price of 550L. This set comes complete with a two seater divan, arm chair, fish wall mosaic, hexagonal side table, low cabinet, table lamp and palm plant. All pieces are copyable and you can resize the mosaic to fit your preference.

True North Designs
Mediterranean Lounge Collection

Leading from the living room there is a door which we will now enter so I can show you the next room. In this room we have an architect set by Cleo Design. This set includes ceiling lights, crate storage shelves with files and books ( I really want to do this on my wall in real life), desk, stool and architect tools, a computer side desk with tower, keyboard, wireless mouse, monitor, stapler and even coffee! The stool has drafting animations, and the lights turn on/off by touch, 

To the side of the room is a really adorable pallet couch set. It comes complete with couch, pallet table and roses in a planter. The couch has 22 single male/female animations and 13 couple cuddle,kiss animations. It also will provide props with certain animations. The blanket comes with texture change menu so you can fit as needed to your personal preferences. 

1-RFL architect  work  set
2-RFL pallet seat

Of course, I had to make sure that while we are busy working here at the drafting table, that the kids have something to do as well. So to the side, I have the Happy Garden Coloring Table by SugaBees, which comes with a texture change menu, ability to choose which coloring book you wish to "color" in, coloring animations and crayon props to hold in your hand.

Also, by Sugabees, we have some really cute Piggy banks to remind us to save our pennies. One has a purple own on it and the other a balloon girl. And of course, Aerwen insisted on bringing in her new Narwhal bounce toy also by Sugabees.

Happy Garden Coloring Table with texture change table cloth
 Scribbles n Stitches Piggy Bank - Purple Owl
Scribbles n Stitches Piggy Bank - Balloon Girl
Kawaii Takano the Angel Narwhal Bounce Toy

Next to the piggy bank is a beautiful orchid terrarium by Organica. 

[ Organica ] 
Orchid Terrarium

Next we are going to be heading down the hall to another room, but I'll cover that in the next post. Hope you are enjoying the tour and see some items that you would love to have for your own.  

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