Wednesday, February 24, 2016

The Front Room- RFL Home and Garden Expo Post

 As said in my previous post, we are touring the house to show you great items by some of the talented designers at the RFL Home & Garden Expo. When we enter the hall, you will see this great food butler,  by Cleo Design, complete and ready for visitors with wine and cheese, Go ahead and help yourselves to a treat. Down the hall, you can see there is another room, this one is at the front of the house and the windows face to the side and front yards. In the room there is a nice wood burning stove, and with a click on the menu, a fire burns within, of course, if it's too hot, it can be turned off the same way. I really like the back to the stove and how the stove nests inside it with the log pile and fireplace tools. Also in the room there are decorative boxes, a planter, and two chairs, each with decorative pillows and a throw, they are both well crafted and add to the warm ambiance of the room. These itetms are all by Cleo Design and part of the Hunt Item at the RFL Home & Garden Expo! Below, I have listed the items that come in the package. Cleo Designs is located on Hope 9 at the event. Explore all there is to see, gachas, exclusives, donation items, and a hunt. And even entertainment and workshops! 

together@home-RFL HUNT ITEM
 Including Planter, poppies in vase, bon bons, service  trolley with cheese platter, wine, glasses,togetherness chair, decorative boxes, Togetherness armchair, woodburning store with back, fireplace tools, burning logs and pile of logs. yard flamingo and much more!

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