Friday, March 16, 2018

Witches Garden

Spring has sprung! All the flowers are blooming, moss has come back to cover the stonework in the garden and I am happily preparing some time at the altar soon.

Ostara's Altar March 16-April 3 has opened and there's a lot to see and enjoy there. Exclusives and gifts, even a hunt. One of the talented designers that is participating is {LORE} with their exclusives Altar of Spring and
 Pagan Garden Statues. These are beautiful together or separately within the garden. They come with texture change options for the stone, moss or not, etc. The altar comes with cuddling animations and multiple texture choices as well for the stone, vines, ivy, etc. A gorgeous addition to anyone's landscaping and perfect as well for RP and/or Fantasy sims.
Complimenting the stonework is some beautiful flowers by The Little Branch called, Bouton d'or. These come in a fatpack of pink, orange, lavender, and yellow flowers in field and round versions to fit your landscaping needs. You can find these beauties at their main store.

These pictures were taken using the Satomi's 2017 Baby Blues windlight.

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