Sunday, February 14, 2016

Mommy & Daughter Time

This year, I have the honor of blogging for RFL's Home and Garden Expo, which opened today! My assigned section is Hope 9 and sponsored by Potomac homes. Donation items are in the special RFL vendors and 100% proceeds go towards the charity. There are some really fantastic things to see and I will show you as much as possible during this event. First off we start with the house by Potomac called The Brookside, which is a new release. It uses 260 Land impact, which includes the home, garage, fireplace, kitchen, and hedges. Measurements of the home, including the back deck and stairs, are 51 x 32. There are additional items you can use but they will add to land impact, such as the mailbox, welcome sign, stone path for the driveway and rezzables in the kitchen. You can even change the texture on the roof to fit the season! The windows are pretty fantastic as well, you can set the outside view to several different weather conditions and also have curtain options. Also, this home has lockable doors, which you can set for a specified group or just for yourself. The fireplace has some great options, fire, logs without fire, and candles. Sounds great right? Well there's even MORE to this home! In the kitchen you will find a working fridge and stove with rezzable food. And I can tell you that this home has a lot of space so you can decorate to your heart's content.

The first room I am going to start with in this series is the playroom we have set up for our daughter, Aerwen, using items all from the Home and Garden Expo. The coloring table which she is sitting at with my wife, Gwen, was created by Sugarbees, it is 100% mesh and carries 14 land impact. There are different sitting positions, and you can touch the basket for a crayon as well. Also possible is by touching the coloring book, you can choose which one you want to (color) in. Next are items by Little Llama, the How To Train Your Sofa comes with a texture change hud, and the lamps of shame, are adorable as well! Mimicking the cone of shame that dogs wear after surgeries and such. They have working lights which you can turn on and off. The lamps and sofa are both donation items, so purchasing them will give 100% of that purchase to the RFL. All other items at the booth are splitting 50% with RFL so you can help by buying them as well.  There is also a hunt happening at the Expo, with gifts for 10L each. And Little Llama had this great light up pickle jar as their hunt gift.  The really cute egg chair is by Moco Design Emporium and has several sitting positions as well, There are few different versions of this chair offered and you will see others soon as we tour the home in other posts. Also by Moco is the great cushions in front of the fireplace. I also placed a dining table by Dekute Decor in the room. It is low prim and the 4 prim version allows on person to sit but you can also use the sit fix version for more. You can also rezz food and drinks at the table and you can change the color via the color change hud to match any decor. This is also a donation item at the expo. On the table, I placed a tray of food, though the table has it's own menu. This is designed by Datsi Mesh, and has lots of sweet snacks for Aerwen and Gwen. I hope the ice cream doesn't melt before they eat it.

About the dog...our SL dog photobombed the pictures! I think Aerwen called him over, he obviously didn't like the lamps of shame and at first stood facing the wall and refusing to move. But then eventually came over to strike a pose. He is created by Zooby and was a gift to us. Lots of great features to him as well. He can actually guard your home for you. I hope you have enjoyed this first tour and come see us over at the Home and Garden Expo. There is sooo much to see and do and enjoy out there and it's all for a great cause.

If you are curious what Gwen and Aerwen are wearing, that information can be found below ;)

Furnishings and Decorations 
All are items at
Relay for Life's Home & Garden Expo
Feb 14- March 6th 2016
 The Brookside
Potomac Mailbox
Potomac Candle Lamp Post and Welcome Sign
 new item

Little Llama 
 -How To Train Your Sofa Donation Item (L$249)
 - Lamp of Shame donation item (L$149)
 - Pickle Jar Lamp (hunt prize)10L

Happy Garden Coloring Table

Summer Tray Display

Dekute Dekore
 [Mesh] Modest Dining Table

Moco Emporium 
~ Egg Chair Collection v1

The Dog
Ultimate Zooby Black & White Pitbull 7.0

Models Gwen and Aerwen


Brii Underground
Isabela Urban Style

Body Stuff
7 Deadlys{K}ins 
Gwen Apricot
 All the Major Body appliers are available in store at 7 Deadly
s{K}ins for Maitreya, Belleza, Omega HEAD Appliers, Slink, TMP, Banned Lena etc....

Emotional Eyes- Dream


Mesh Body Info

Love N Lust 
Omega System Kit - Catwa

AvEnhance Feet Female High
AvEnhance Hands Female - Elegant
Mesh Head-

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