Thursday, October 26, 2017

Yo Ho Yo Ho

When darkness spreads over the land, the pirates of long ago come back to play! Is that Blackbeard? Perhaps that one is Calico Jack watching Ann Bonny in the bath. Over there at the tree, is that Rackam?

Skeleton Poker

Tylers Treasures created this great decor items which would look fantastic in a pirate themed sim, Halloween sim, or just out in your yard if you love pirates. Shown here are just a few of the different versions which are on sale for only 10L at The Wash's Anniversary Round. The Wash is having a HUGE 10th Anniversary event Oct 11-Nov 1. With some fantastic deals for us and even gifts! 10L Items, 50L items, etc. Come check it out!

Last Sword Fight

Ghost Pirate

Skeleton Flamingos

Land Ho! Skeleton & Pirate Skeleton Bathtime

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