Thursday, September 29, 2022

A Visit to Old New York


 Poses With Attitude -  URBAN002 & 3 

1 of 10 exclusive poses coming soon to ROCK YOUR RACK 2022 October 1 -16.SecondLife Charity Event Raising Funds for the National Breast Cancer Foundation presented by Models Giving Back

 Blueberry - Solstice - 3 Length Sandals Thigh, knee, and low. With 3 heel fits.

BFF, Basalia's Fine Fashion - Leather Slip dress 

 For Maitreya only, 10 single solid colors. Coming soon to ROCK YOUR RACK 2022

Vesta Cloths - Onda Hat - RYR 2022 Limited Edition 

Unrigged This item will only be available during the 2022 Rock Your Rack event and will be retired after the event. Coming soon to ROCK YOUR RACK 2022

Spells & Charms to Go - Darling Matte Lipstick

Applier with 8 colors for Evo X ONLY 

N0 Match -  NO_QUEEN 

Includes rigged and unrigged hair, accessory HUDs and texture HUD.


It's Behind Me Isn't It?

 ND/MD Ryu Skin

Available in 12 skin tones from whitish to dark tan (Satin tone worn here). Created for Lelutka Evox alsocompatible with [AK ADVX]. Features: BOM skin tattoos w/wo brows, frckles options face + upper body tattoo - BOM, moles face + upper body tattoo - BOM. HDL BODY skins included! Body skins compatible with: eBODY-REBORN +Juicy, LEGACY classic +Perky, MAITREYA,
SLINK, BELLEZA, SIGNATURE,ERIKA, +INITHIUM (special made version), +Petite +Flat.

Also available are Bento Shapes for Lelutka Ryn and Ceylon heads (Please try demo for other heads) include multiple mesh body options. Worn here is the shape for Ryn with Ryn head.

New + exclusive release for Reborn Event September 20th - October 5th.

Something New -   HarleyQ Pose Set

 4 single poses, 4 pose balls and rifle. Available in Halloween Shop


Fits  Freya, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, and Slink in 10 single colors or 15 color fatpack

George Bellic Design - Orla Dress Halloween 

Fits Maitreya, reborn, Legacy, Hourglass, Physique, Freya, and Isis. Comes with multilevel 3 color HUD to mix and match as you please. A prize in I&R's Fun with Hunts - Through the Glass Darkly Hunt October 1-31

 MINA Hair - Romy 

Mesh hair and StyleHUD included.  MINA VIP group gift