Monday, October 2, 2017

The Music Rooms

Welcome to our home! Where we have not one but two music rooms. Mmhmmm I just couldn't make up my mind when I saw both of these beautiful gacha collections by Adorably Strange Wares for the new Gacha Life event October 5-31st Location TBA. Shown first is  the Erstwhile Collection 1. This great collection of gacha prizes consists of a gray couch, dust couch(shown), black couch RARE, drums, xylophone, harp RARE, banners in black, gray and dust, and a desk. You could even place all three couches in the room for some lovely contrast. Keep scrolling down to see more of this great collection and to check out the other room!

Next is the Erstwhile Collection 2, also a gacha collection. This one has some more fantastic items. You could make one huge music room using both collections together!
This collection consists of tables in dust, gray and black, gong, phonograph, piano RARE, chairs in dust, gray and black RARE, as well as a string set.

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