Thursday, September 14, 2017

There Was a House of Magical Rumor

 Sitting alone in the big house caused people to talk about the lonely lady within. Tales of magic and intrique moved the tongues of many a busy-body while rushing past the gates. She wasn't any different from anyone else, she just had a gift and apparently enjoyed the shadows.

Something New created the great pose called, It's A Magician's World. This prop includes the chair, plus the top hat & cane holdables as well. It's an exclusive at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

7 Deadly s[K]ins created this lovely skin, Calamity. This Omega applier skin was based on the Catwa mesh heads in 7 skin tones ( I am wearing pineapple tone with Catwa Catya mesh head, Vista hands & Maitreya body) and includes the amazing inclusive body appliers as well. There is a shape that is also available to purchase also.Isn’t she gorgeous in that dangerous way?

Shaquira is an ultra curly short hair and is the first in Firelight's Gen2 Line. The darker shades are well suited for ethnic looks. This hair is available in several hair packs, including the new "Darks Hud" with 18 shades of dark/Goth colors. All Gen2 huds have two effects on them: regular (wispy) and rich/full (with no alpha masking issues).
Shaquira comes with a hud with 12 colors (except darks which is 18) in each of two effects: wispy/natural or rich/full. She comes in both Rigged Mesh & Unrigged, and the Unrigged Mesh has a resizer. There is also a color wheel so you can tint to your liking. You can find this hair on sale at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

Banana Banshee created the mystical eyes called, Magic. The vibrant eyes are available in 6 single colors + 1 fatpack and a $12L birthday treat! Exclusively at  Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

 Slack Girl created these amazing Agatha Mesh Nails. They are compatible with Tuty, Tonic, Vista, Maitreya, & Slink. Includes a texture change hud with 8 colors. Another great exclusive at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

 D.Design created the sensual Suki Lipstick for Catwa and Omega. There are several shades available for sale, but I am wearing the gorgeous red shade which is a 12L gift!
Addicted to Ink also had a great exclusive for us . The  Geo X Runes Tattoo includes 3 shading choices on appliers for Belleza, Maitreya, Omega, Signature, & Slink. And [M.Second]  designed the tantalizing Magic Assistant Dress in fitmesh sizes for Belleza, Slink, Maitreya & TMP bodies with a 6 texture change hud. All of these are also items at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round Sept 12-30

 BLAXIUM created the mystical Dark Moon Tiara. This original mesh item comes with a texture hud containing 8 different colors separately for the moon and the beads. This also comes with a resize script and 2 different versions of tiara. Another fantastic exclusive at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round

Indulge Temptation  has designed an exclusive  100% unrigged Magic Eye mesh necklace, which is resizable and Hud driven. It comes with 10 metal options, 8 up to 11 + 51 gem color versions, depending on the package you choose. There are 6 packages with different options for each. There are 2 special editions as well, one is for 12L and the other for 0L to celebrate Twe12ve’s Birthday Round

 *S0H0E Shoes*  designed the sleek Ginny Pumps as an exclusive item for Twe12ve’s Birthday Round . They come in 30 color options for 2 interchangeable parts and 3 sole options. They fit Belleza, Maitreya, Slink and TMP .

 The Home and Decor items at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round  are amazing as well! Adorably Strange Wares created The Mystic Glimmer Curtain, Couch with single/couple animations and Floor Glitz.

 The Artist Shed's exclusive is this classy Pillow Lounge (New Age) with 2 sitting animations and the Magic Shoppe Decor hanging on the wall which is their $12L gift for Twe12ve’s Birthday Round.

Dreamscapes Art Gallery also has an exclusive. This great *Repurposed Mirror* Unicorn is great in a fantasy decor or even a child's room. And the spooky *Pumpkin Board* is their $12L Gift for Twe12ve’s Birthday Round.

Dictatorshop has this great carousal unicorn that I thought would go beautifully here by the mirror above. The Betsy comes with 190 animations in the Adult version and 106 in the PG version. It is a great addition to many different settings.

Last but not least is this magnificent Manor by sass buildz. This building contains several rooms, a candlelight fireplace and two floors. Really a fantastic build with it's weathered look. It is another incredible exclusive at Twe12ve’s Birthday Round. Keep scrolling down for more pictures of the interior.

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