Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Gypsy and the Villager

There's a tale among the villagers of a time when a lonely gypsy caravan came to visit. Bringing many wonders along such as whispers of fairies, monsters and other mystical beings. Even the forest creatures would draw close to the strange inhabitants, curious of what tales would be told. But, a friendship developed between the lonely gypsy and the widow who lived in the hut at the bottom of the hill. Such a friendship that would become a legend.

The Red Deer Herd shown here are creations by Sweet Revolutions. They come complete with realistic sounds to add to the ambience of your sim or parcel.

Gypsy Wolf Creations designed the Wolf Moon Caravan for the Fantasy Faire April 20-30 2017. This is all mesh with seating for two and a beaded draped door and open/close canopy. This item can be located in their store on the Chaddul Ro sim.

 KS Designs created the charming Mary Rose Cottage with programmable door. This can be found at the Fantasy Faire on The Hill sim.
That Chick created the Secluded Courtyard shown here as a RFL item. A lovely ready made garden to place in your yard, there is a Petite Version also available at Fantasy Faire. You can find their shop on the Mudrana sim.  Also at the fair are the Fantasy Mushrooms in Purple Patterns by Jinx which can be located in The Hill sim.

Jinx located in The Hill sim, also created the lovely Garden Stone Mandala in Lavendar which looked fantastic at the entrance to the courtyard. This is another of their RFL items at the Fantasy Faire

Verocity designed the Afa Picture Frame for the Fantasy Faire. This is a great frame that will hold your various personal pictures and fits many decor themes. They also created the Broken Sign. This can be used as a frame or even a shop sign. You can find their shop on The Spirit Pool sim at the fair.

 GlamGal created this wonderul GlamStuff Wolfkiss Screen which is a permanent item within our cottage. You can find their shop on Dawn's Promise at the Fantasy Faire

And the RFL items by That Chick are these great Fresh Cut Tulips Vases, in a Dark color or light color pack.  These come with a touch change 9 texture menu for the flowers and 8 for the vases. These are copyable so you can place multiple vases out. Their shop is located at the Fantasy Faire on the Mudrana sim

Gypsy Wolf's Gypsy Lights Tree comes with a  Season Change pallet by touch menu with pulse glow tintable lights. This item can be located in their store on the Chaddul Ro sim.
Another beautiful item by That Chick is the Empty Wishes  well which also comes in a Petite Version. Their shop is located on the Mudrana sim

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