Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Bit Vintage

OMG .... Look what we found while out shopping the other day! Talk about a real true find. It works so perfectly with the ensemble we were looking to add to that we couldn't say no to this set. True to form it has two colors and all three pieces to it. a rare find indeed and is something that every home owner should have. You can have a gathering at your place and plenty to talk about while sipping a cup of coffee or what ever makes you happy, and people will gladly tell you how much they love your decor.

Collaboration Post with Gwen Gudkov (Rougneck) and Aerlinniel Vella (Roughneck)
 (Pictures by Aerlinniel and write up by Gwen)
See Gwen's Blog here! 

Myth created this great Vintage Set as a  Twelve Exclusive
The "Vintage Set" comes in three parts
- Wardrobe
- Cabinet
- Side Table
The Wardrobe and Cabinet have working drawers and this pattern would look fantastic in so many different decor themes. 

 and in two makes:
 - Wild Rose
 - Blue Rose
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