Friday, October 16, 2020

The Acolyte Attempts to Call Forth the Demon

The coppery smell of old blood assaulted her senses as she stepped into the darkened chamber with the eerily glowing cross, the flames within the braziers putting forth their own glow with little or no heat at all to worm her. She shivered but more from the sensation that trailed up her spine like boney cold fingers than lack of warm clothing. Goosebumps appeared upon pale flesh and as she drew the daggers forth, preparing to step within the pentagram, she drew a deep breath. Was she really prepared to perform this ritual as the final test of her schooling in the dark arts? Would she survive or perish and be forgotten like those who had failed before her? She knew they were there, she knew her instructors were watching, but none of them would step forth to help her, no matter how bad this might go.

See the eyes in motion!

  Shopping List
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DeeTaleZ "Kacee" 

Includes BOM layers for Genus ( head only), Genus applier, shape, and brow fixer.

Mesh Body Parts:
Maitreya - Lara body V5.2 

Genus -  Classic Head

Petrichor -  Conventi Eyes 

100% custom mesh and textures. HUD controlled shine, shadows, animation, pupils and bases. All in one HUD with 80 colors. This is an exclusive at Samhain: A Pagan Festival  October 10 - November 2

!!Firelight!! Elegant Antoinette 

Unrigged resizeable, in store collection. 28 shades total.It also comes with an elegant mask with 12-shade hud.

DP - Koffin Nails -  All Seeing 

Appliers for Slink, Maitreya, and Omega with 6 textures. You can find this at Fallen Gods Inc. 13th Anniversary~ Oct 1 - 31


Paper.Sparrow - Jesse Pants 

Compatible with Maitreya, Freya, Legacy, Ebody and Hourglass.An exclusive at 4 seasons event Oct 15th - Oct 31st

Paper.Sparrow - Misha Top

Comes in your choice of 10 single colors or a colorpack with bonus textures. Compatible with Maitreya. 

Exclusively for Maitreya, this top comes in a variety of great colors and patterns. 


Petrichor - Kii Horns 

100% custom mesh, HUD controlled everything. 4 different packs to choose from. An exclusive at  Panic of Pumpkin in Okinawa October 16 - December 31

Petrichor -  Achuas Daggers

100% custom mesh with two interchangeable handles and dagger blades. Includes HUD with 21 handles, 21 blades, 28 metals, 8 wear styles. Unanimated/decor knife. This is an exclusive at Samhain: A Pagan Festival 

Petrichor -  Sanya Jewelry 

100% custom mesh, modifiable, unisex, resizeable and HUD controlled. 40 tassels, 10 metals, 21 skulls, and 40 gemstones textures. This is an exclusive at Samhain: A Pagan Festival 

The Bearded Guy  - Devil Ritual Backdrop 

An exclusive backdrop at the The Dark Style Fair October 9-31

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