Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Into the Sunset

Little Ms Aerwen has a new puppy and boat, so decided to venture off into the sunset, followed by Mother duck and her babies.

Shopping List

Cute Bytes - Baby Mesh Head #Coco v.2 Teen
~TweeneeDoo - YoungGirl (v.0.3)

ToddleeDoo - Essential Eyes Pack Only 10L on Marketplace.

.:cheeky:. - Ellenna Hair looks great on Aerwen

.:House WarDark:.-Tweeneedoo Aqua Stripe Sweater & Jeans

Gumi's Flower Shop - Swimming Duck 180807 Eastern Spot-billed Duck mother and babies. Mother duck swims whimsically within designated area, baby duck swims in it's designated spot behidn the mom.

Props and Poses

S. Tween~ A new line by Something New, this pose is called Missys Sunset Pose. It includes the puppy and boat with a single pose ball for Tweeneedoo avatars. Free for Group members or only 25L on Marketplace!

Nacon's Natural Sunset with Phototools Ship Light for water

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