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We set sail to find a lost treasure left for us with only a map in hand, The problem was most of the map was missing and it was over 300 years old with no reference to speak of. So, we conned Rodd to help us find it by telling him we would get him some tacos for dinner if he helped. Sarlah wanted nothing to do with it so just the three of us set sail.

Collaboration Post with Gwen Gudkov See her blog!
 And Rodd Stark as our male model


GWEN(on left) 

7 Deadly s[K]ins - Madelief in Sand. A Wonderful skin that I happen to wear daily. The coloring matches about any of my moods. Easy to match with the one click Omega Hud.

The Little Bat - Arista Eyes
 Mermaid Cove July 23-Aug 13

A fun way to get attention. Made for Catwa, Lelutka and Omega HUDS, and 6 colors to choose from you can mix or match each eye or keep them both the same as shown here. Take a close look and I know you'll want them.

Made by Gwen
(Not For Sale)
Mesh Body Info

I have the Maitreya Mesh body Lara V 4.0 on which makes it easy to fix parts that un-wantedly show.. The standard for the industry is made for this body. Easy to hide or show parts. Easy to adjust are just a small sampling of what this body will do.

Vista Animations - Pro Hands. Let your hands move and toss the old static ones. Now you can with these beautifuly shaped fingers and wrists from Vista Animations. Much more realistic and life like than predecessors.

LAQ - Ana mesh head. A beautiful head that took no adjustment to wear at all. This is one to keep and use daily. Stop in and get yours today. Worn with included shape. Perfectly toned and shapely is the beginning for this shape from. Designed for the Ana head there was no adjustments needed. This shape fits so well and wonderful everyone should wear it.

Beyond Persuasion design - Avast! Me Matey Bonnie Skirt and Shirt
A prize in the Skull -N- Bones - Caribbean Adventure hunt Aug. 5 - Sept. 5th
This wonderfully detailed outfit is perfect for treasure hunting, sailing, or put a patch over one eye and using it for Halloween. Fun, Light weight and Airy, with a touch of class included as with everything from Beyond Persuasion design. I did have the hat on but a gust of wind let it fly away on me. My lovely Wifey Aerlinniel is pictures with it on.


7 Deadly s[K]ins  - BRENT steam and shape includes 4 beards options, browless option, freckled, Omega face and body appliers

The Little Bat - Elemental Eyes are a prize in the Dirty Little Secrets- Elemental Desires Hunt July 25-August 25. There is a male and female path with these being the prize on the male path. Includes mesh eyes with hud and appliers for Lelutka, Catwa and Omega eyes


His hair is Boy Next Door by Exile. A great clean cut men's style.


Angels Design - Death and Life Tattoo includes classic tattoo layer, and appliers for TMP, Eve, Maitreya, Belleza, Omega, Lena and Slink. Another exclusive at Fable 3

Mesh Body Info:
CATWA - Paul Basic Head
SLink - Physique body and male bento hands.

 Beyond Persuasion design - Avast! Me Matey-Male- A prize in the Skull -N- Bones - Caribbean Adventure hunt Aug. 5 - Sept. 5th.  Includes pants and vest in classic mesh, fitmesh sizes, rigged sizes for Aesthetic, Gianni, Adam, Nx-David, Adam and Slink. Also includes mesh bandana.


Fire Roses - Walker Mesh boots complete with multi-level texture changing hud, resizeable

AERLINNIEL (on right)

7 Deadly s[K]ins - ROMINA Omega applier based skin. Comes in plain, freckles, or spots with brow/no brow options. There are several tones to choose from which can be purchased separately or in fatpacks. Also, a shape is available for purchase, worn here. This is an exclusive at Mesh Body Addicts Fair Aug 1-21
More about her here:
Zombie Suicide- Chris eyes includes 12 texture appliers for Catwa, Omega, Lelutka, mesh eyes with texture hud, and system eyes. Exclusive at For Men Only Monthly July 20 - August 14

The Little Bat - Chrome Nails V1. Maitreya nail applier which includes 2 style versions in 14 colors and 1 toenail color. An exclusive at anyBODY Aug 7-30.

Zombie Suicide -  Alexa Lips Omega Lelutka Catwa appliers and system layers. Include 6 textures and are an exclusive at Blush July 28-Aug 24

RAMA.SALON - Paris Hair. This lovely long style mesh hair, swept to one side  comes in several texture pack choices for you to enjoy.

 Beyond Persuasion design  - Anne Bonny Navy is a new store release. It includes top and skirt in mesh sizes for standard mesh, Slink, TMP, Belleza, Tonic, and Maitreya. Also included is the great hat!


Tooty Fruity - Bellatrix Heels are an exclusive for the Bittersweet Event 10th August - 26th August. These include rigged sizes for Maitreya, Slink and Belleza, with a 6 texture hud.

Also Worn:
LAQ Scarlet Head
Maitreya body
Omega eyes

Props and Poses
Something New - Secondlife Friends. Great friends bento pose which includes one pose ball.

Nacon's Morning windlight used

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