Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Oooooh Shiny!

 This post is all about those neon signs we love so much! And these are all on sale for only 10L each at the Wash Cart Sale Jan 31-Feb 14. 
Tiar created some great signs for us. The BBG4U Daddy, BBG, SexyGirlsSiluets and Unicorns signs all at the Wash Cart Sale

Fantasy China created some pretty decor for us as well. The  Mesh Birds Love Tree Branch & lights plus the Mesh Orchid Lights, both are animated and shiny and on sale at the Wash Cart Sale.

Gecko Creations also has a bunch of great wall art for us. Even some garden art as well! Shown is the Mesh flowing water decoration, Shining_stars_Classic 2, DreamMoon Flower Teal,
Mesh rounded lights pole, and Mesh Balloons with lights and flowers. All which are animated as well. They also have commercial signs available at the Wash Cart Sale, such as Mesh exclusive, Mesh events sign, Mesh Gacha sign and Mesh 50% off sign.

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