Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Naughty or Nice

More home furnishings and decor for you. This time, we bring you items from Spotlight's Anniversary Round Feb 1-18

Shown above is some wall art by Armani Designs called, Kim & Armari. This is adult in nature so best for those adult settings. They also have on sale at the event, the Texture Change Leather Sofa shown above. 
 Just in time for Valentine's Day we have this lovely balloons and petals by Lady Roi. The Vday Balloons include balloons with writing upon them, along with 2 plain balloons, and to mix it up a bit, you could add in the Assorted Balloons which include several colors. Completing the look with the Rose Petals Fatpack which is an exclusive at the event.
These pictures taken using the windlight-
Satomi's 2016 Rosy Sun

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