Friday, September 30, 2016

They Heed Her Call

 Just lil' ole me, standing around at the Nuvoletta sim, checking out all the goods. They don't feed me much and I've turned into skin and bones! Even the ravens agree, at least they come when I call though. I tried to talk to a couple of folks, but they ran off screaming, I think their hair even went white. It must be my hairstyle, it's going to rain and that always frizzes it out.

 This totally amazing avatar is a new item at Immortals Avatars called "Angel of Death". She comes with all you see here, except the ravens, which I will tell you about in a moment. You can even go see her on display at the main store here.
= Fashiowl Poses =  created the amazing pose and props called My Ravens. It includes 4 female poses with the ravens and is only $150L at the Salem Event October 1st - 31st.

The pictures were taken at Nuvoletta sim. A great sim with lots of goodies,  rides, picture opportunities and some stores for rent as well.

It even comes with a beating heart!
Isn't she pretty??