Friday, September 30, 2016

Stirring Up Trouble

 Bubble bubble toil and trouble...making up some soup for the guests that are due to arrive soon. I invited them all to dinner, just wait until they learn they are the dinner! I'm sure glad I have this new arge Cauldron of Soup, by Nomiki's Creations, to put them in. Click on spoon and it will give you one to stir with. And even better, it's only $1L as part of the Scissor Happy Halloween Hunt which runs from Oct 1-31st. For more information on the hunt and hints, check out the blog here 

Also participating in the Scissor Happy Halloween Hunt which runs from Oct 1-31st.  is *Inkheart* with some fantastic eyes, named, Insipya Eyes. These are the Blood ones, the package also contains Wolf eyes. And yes, still only $1L.

This amazing Red Skeleton Skin was designed by DemotiK. Black with just the right shading and glow to make the skeleton stand out in an eerie fashion, It includes Omega Skin and clothing huds
And is also another item in the Scissor Happy Halloween Hunt

Happy Hat  designed these Scissor Happy 3 Scissors & the Scissor Happy 3 Hat. A perfect compliment to the rest of the look. So there's your preview of some of the fantastic hunt prizes, have fun hunting!