Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Adding on to the Kitchen

 Dictatorshop -  Essenti Cabinets System 

DECOR only, texture change HUD with 12 painted woods, 9 counters, and 10 handle metals. Land impact varies, copy/mod. 


 Dictatorshop -  Essenti - Engine Add-on Vertical AV v1.0 

The Essenti Kitchen Island comes in two versions: Adult Vanilla with 209 animations
    PG with 109 animations, for 1 or 2 avatars, 6 decal options.  Add animations to ANY flat/vertical surface. Find the new sexytime add on  and save 25% off the Essenti Cabinet Fatpack if you don't already have it. The Essenti Engine Add-on Vertical is a piece designed to bring some action and fun to your kitchen without breaking the bank. It will be perfectly at home in your family room or kitchen, even your garage. Part of the Essenti range, it will fit right into any area where neatness is the name of the game.     Designed to fit perfectly into any tall Essenti Cabinets.  AVsitter engine - no poseballs, easy adjustment, experience enabled. Copy/Mod/No Transfer. Land Impact 3, Strong LOD, Highly Detailed, Original Mesh, and Original Hand Made Textures. 

 YoU By GeMyles - Aggie Outfit 

Sexy top with mini skirt and panty attached. 15 textureHUD, fits maitreya, legacy, Kupra, and Reborn.

 YoU By GeMyles -  Aggie Heels

 High platform heels with lace ties. 15 textureHUD. For Maitreya, Legacy, Kupra, Star, Slink, Prima, Peach, Khara, Gen X Curvy, Gen X Classic, Belleza, Erika, and Reborn.

enLight -  MIYO Shape

 Created for Lelutka Avalon.  Exclusive for 13th Street August 30 - September 25  33% off for enLight VIP members during event ONLY.

enLight - MIO  

BOM *HEAD SKIN* for EvoX and AK ADVX heads. Includes brows/no brows options, freckles and moles options, HDL body skin, and even white tintable brows.  Satin tone worn here. 

 enLight  - +ND/MD HDX Body Skins

Available in 12 skin tones from white to deep tanned (Toast tone worn here) . Sport toned body skins with blemishes and veins! sport body shapes included! Will fit most human bodies. 

No Match~  NO_GAMES
 Interactive (Click to change style.) and classic version included. Rigged mesh in 2 head sizes with breast options.

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