Monday, May 21, 2018

Soft Breezes and Leaves

So nice to look outside and see the beautiful weather, just the slightest of breezes dancing through the leaves and keeping the air lightly cooled.

Little Branch has created more gorgeous foliage for our landscaping needs. Such as the animated Flowering Dogwood.v2 which is shown above. This 100% mesh tree is low lag with instant rez and includes a seasons texture change menu so you can enjoy this year round. It is an exclusive item at the Sense Event May 15-June 8.

In the picture below is the animated Golden Birch which is also a 100% mesh tree with instant rez and low lag. It includes a 4 seasons texture change menu as well and is an exclusive for Fameshed GO May 15-June 10.

Also shown by Little Branch are various animated grasses.
Grass.V4, Snakeweed Summer-B and Snakeweed Summer-A, all 100% mesh and all low lag as well. These can be found at the main store.
Satomi's 2016 Azure Beach Windlight Used for these pictures.

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