Monday, May 14, 2018


Ghost Bride_012.png

Flowering shrubs greet us as we wander over to the summer house. A fragrant peaceful feeling reaching out her arms to comfort us. Spring is well on it’s way and the warmer weather by the ocean is just what we needed.

Little Branch created the MoonFlowerShade animated tree. This is 100% mesh, includes a flower change menu for a variety of colors, is copiable so you can set many different ones out, and is an exclusive at The Liaison Collaborative May 3-26.
A matching set of MoonFlowerShrubs which also comes with all the options and details above, can be found at The Chapter 4 Anniversary round May 4-30.
Adding to the look is animated mesh grass which you can find in their main store.
Taken with  Satomi’s 2016 sunny closeup windlight

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