Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lazy Days Around the House

I've been having a blast decorating around the house for Valentine's and even putting out some great stuff as the weather warms up. Just check out this stuff in the picture above. Created by An Lema, the Cupid's Furniture Set includes Wall Decor, Standing Light (touch activated), Table (with opening drawers), and Potted Plant. How much easier can it be to choose decor? And the best part is that this is all on sale at the I Heart The Cart's Romancing the Stone Age Cart Sale and Hunt Feb 1-28 . I have even more great stuff to show you from this event, so follow me!

In this other room we have the Napa Valley Chair in Light Wood by StoraxTree. Also, one of their adorable cats has decided to come take a nap, isn't that a cute Jaguar? There's more where he came from, his siblings along with the chair are a hunt items at the event.

Another hunt item is the resizeable Lady of Tower Shallot Print hanging on the wall by Sophisticate, and the Old Wooden Wheel Chandelier by Harambee-Gwassi Kenya Charity Shop. This includes 4 resizeable versions in the prize box. 

Outside on the sun porch I put some great decor out as well, and shhhh the pet rock is sleeping. The Artist Shed created the great Stone Age Chair as an Exclusive Theme item at the Cart Sale and Hunt. Along with that is the Heart of Stone Vase, and you can also pick up a cute pet rock as a gift at their cart. Deedles created the great Brass decal hanging up there on the wall, it's a hunt prize. And another hunt prize is the Menu Driven Rusty Circle Circle Circle Lamp by Lunar Seasonal Designs

And last but certainly never least is the Head Stones hunt gift by Lilith's Den. These 3 head stones come together with  optional sound effects to place out. You'll never be lonely with them there, facing your porch..staring at you..

These pictures were taken using Satomi's 2017 Calm City Skyline windlight.

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