Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Coffee Date in the Garden

 Adorably Strange Wares created this amazing Casual Coffee Date collection as an exclusive for the Truth or Dare Affair 3 Feb 3-28. . It consists of several small pieces which you can pick and choose to set your scene.
 There is the Casual Coffee Date Coffee Set with the Coffee Tins, Pot, Espresso Maker, Hanging Cups, and Mugs. Then there is the Dessert Set with Cake, Croquembouche, Cups & Plates, Macaroons and even a Swiss Roll. There is a light to be hung on the ceiling as well. A chair Set with two special coffee date out in the garden.

 There is the Date Cart, and the Date To Go Set complete with To Go Cup Station, To Go Cups, one is open the other is closed, Straws & Spoons, and even Sugar Cubes.
I used pieces from each of these to put together this great outdoors seen. Instead of a tea outside, make it coffee! 

Taken with the Nam's Beach Scene windlight.

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