Friday, August 18, 2017

The Mysteries of Kingsport -The Asylum

As I entered the building, it was eerily quiet, no sound was heard, nothing at all. I slowed my step and took the time to peek around each and every corner making sure the coast was clear before entering each room. 'Where was everyone?', I thought to myself. What had happened here?
As I entered the next room I did see something that caught my eye. Perhaps this was a dream and soon I would wake. As I drew a bit closer, I saw what I thought was an elephant standing on a ball riding it around, and a monkey on a bike with what appeared to be a gentleman or ringmaster standing close by. Was this real? Or was it a painting behind a glass to appear this way?
 The next corner I went around had busted down doorways leading to where I knew not, Some were completely destroyed while others appeared to be plainly opened and left that way. The farther I went down the hallway the more I saw things that started to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up while feeling like someone or something was either watching or following me.

While rounding the next corner I came across a room that was completely covered in blood. It looked like some sort of ritual or murder scene from one of those shows that make you curl up then have nightmares after going to bed. Blood was everywhere! Tables were overturned and nothing else was in the room not even a weapon. 

Slowly I kept going until I reached the main office where my uncle was supposed to be working. This room appeared at first glance as if nothing was wrong, but, there was still no one around, No sounds, nothing at all. And nothing was out of place or so it seemed.

Stumbling to gather my thoughts, I sat down in a chair and looked at the desk across from me. There were a few notes scribbled on the paper. Should I read them? Should I dare to have a look for myself? These thoughts kept racing through my mind like a train on a runaway down a mountain. It was after reading a hastily scribbled note in my uncle's own hand, that I knew I had to get out of this town and right away! What happened here?
Without wasting anymore time, I ran straight down the streets and towards the docks in hopes of finding room on a ship to sail on to another port. I found nothing but silence, ships had run aground and there was a complete lack of activity down here. But, that sound, was loud enough to make my head hurt! Covering my ears, I proceeded down towards the water, if I was to be stuck here, I may as well try to find out what the noise was...
Love Fest runs from August 17- August 27th.! A world of wonder celebrating the 127th birthday of H.P. Lovecraft. Enjoy shopping at the merchants quarter of this New England Coastal town. Perhaps you would like to check out the gacha machines at the shack and test your luck. Or visit the local tourist features, but beware, not all is as it seems, or is it? What is reality and what isn't here? Enjoy ten days of sim-wide events and entertainment, with great music and stage shows. For more information and schedule of daily events, check out their blog here:

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