Friday, August 4, 2017

Our Weekend Beach Getaway

Taken at night to show you this fantastic glowing beacon which calls to us to run for the beach tonight. I absolutely love the great items here from the Aloha Fair July 28-August 11.

Starting with the great lighting (the reason this picture is taken in the dark), we have these Flamingo Neon lights, which come in 4 different colors, I am showing off the blue and the pink ones here. Created by Boutique 187, they will certainly  light the way with a new twist on the classic flamingo. Exclusive at the Aloha Fair , these are  100% Original mesh and resizeable.

Turning the lights on up, shown in The Kapa'au Salvage Bungalow by Adorably Strange Wares, which is shiny new and can only be found at the Aloha Fair . This is a 2 level building with a back deck and arbor.

Adorably Strange Wares also created another great exclusive. The Mahina Shower is available in White and wood version with animated on/off shower water, 8 single and 6 couple animations. It can only be found at the Aloha Fair 

And yes, another Adorably Strange Wares exclusive is the Pau Hana Hot Tub. This seats 2 avatars, and comes with 8 single and 6 couple animations. It includes animated water, steam and even fire. Found as well only at the Aloha Fair

Boutique 187 also has another exclusive at the Aloha Fair . Some great Surfboard Wall decor which are 100% Original Mesh and come in 4 color choices.

Check out these The Lilikoi Plantation Collection Gacha Items in the following pictures, another exclusive at the Aloha Fair ! Also by Adorably Strange Wares, the collection includes the following prizes to be won:

1. Ceiling Fan- Touch On/ Off Fan Blades, Touch On/ Off Light
2. Chair - Seats One, 12 Single Animations
3.  Hibiscus Planter - Each Plant has Touch Texture change, 5 flower options
4. Light - Touch On/Off Light
5. Palm Planter I - Pot Has Touch Texture Change, 8 options
6. Fruit Table - Touch each fruit to receive edible fruits, 4 fruit options
7. Palm Planter I - Pot Has Touch Texture Change, 8 options
8. Bed - Seats Two, 8 Single Animations, 6 Couples Animations RARE
9. Ice Box - Touch each Iced Bottle to receive wearable/drinkable bottles, 6 Options 
    Touch texture change Ice Box, 8 Color Options RARE

Time is ticking away, so don't miss out on these fantastic finds! 

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