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Gwen and I decided it was time to take some sweet pictures of ourselves. You know the ones, cute, couple photos. But, for some reason, felt like something wasn't quite right. When we got the pictures back, we notice two very familiar faces in the background! Of course, we recruited Sarlah and set out to get even with Rodd when he was trying to have a serious picture taken of his own. Oh the sweet life! So much fun with family at the carnival.

Poses created by Image Essentials. The first one is called - Photobomb v 7 and the second is Photobomb V 8 (b)
These are 2 of a series of 8 pose sets called Photobomb exclusive at the Mesh Body Addicts Fair August 1-21. V8 will be on sale for $300L. V7 will be on sale for $300L.

Collaboration Post with Aer and Gwen
Gwen's Blog:
Aer's Blog:
Including Models Rodd and Sarlah Stark

What we are all wearing in these pictures...ready?

Aerlinniel has on-
Body Info:
  7 Deadly s{K}ins created the sweet skin, Honey. It comes with 4 eyebrow colors and 5 skin tones ( I am wearing the cashew tone with the brown brows option). It is an Omega applier fitted for the LAQ Gaia head but wearable with any Omega friendly face. I have on the LAQ Trinity head & Maitreya body. These amazing Omega appliers are all inclusive, they apply not only the face but the entire body as well! There is also a great shape available which I have on.

Lashes-  The lashes worn are Mon Cheri "Falsies" Mesh Alpha Lashes with HUD. It contains four different styles that can be changed via the hud and plenty of different texture change options as well.

Hair- -Desmonia designed this really cute hairstyle which is called the Selena Ponytail. It is on sale during the Level Up Event August 1-14.

Eyes- * Inkheart * is participating in The Hard Catch Hunt July 16-August 31and has set out the alluring Astral eyes as a gift. These come in two tones, sky and wood. They include 4 sizes, system and mesh eyes.

Dark Passions is celebrating the birthday of their creator with a great sale right now. There are 13 fatpacks on sale for 13 days including a special one for only $13L! One of those items is the lovely Lacey Leaves with appliers for Slink, Maitreya and Omega.

Clothing- #bye - Best You Ever   designed this adorable Summer Set in sizes to fit Maitreya, Physique (2), Belleza (3), Fitmesh standard, eBody, TMP, &Tonic (2). It includes a texture change hud with a large palette of choices.

N-core has some great VIP Group Gifts out, including the knee high "Calyssa" boots. Included in this Fatpack are boots to fit several mesh bodies and a great texture change palette with lots of colors to choose from.

Chop Zuey has some wonderful gifts set out for the VIPs and even some for non VIPS, including the Fleur Delique Texture Change Set for women. This comes with a texture palette of 10 colors for stones jewels in  5 separate choices for each piece. It is also resize scripted for ease of fitting it to your avatar.

Rodd is wearing-
Body Info-
Skin- Rodd is wearing the mens offering for Day 18 of Harvest Days at 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This is a VIP only advent calendar with a skin gift for men and women every day of the month! The skin is a former group gift which is still a favorite with the members from January '15 in the taupe tone. It includes 2 system skins, along with Slink hands and feet appliers.

Shape-Also a gift during Harvest Days and worn is the ILZ Shape from the Day 16 box. This box includes 3 skins, stylecard, and shape.
Hair- The hair worn is the Traveler in Dark Browns by ::Exile::. Another great style for men

Eyes- * Inkheart * created the dramatic eyes he is wearing. The Emor Eyes are available in several colors, this tone is called, Danger. Each box comes with 3 Sizes for system and mesh.

Shirt- Rodd is wearing the Damien Shirt with texture change hud of 8 different colors for the pentagram, by The Little Bat. This mesh shirt fits most men's mesh bodies.

Rodd is also wearing another great group gift!  The Skully Mens pajama bottoms are by Facepalm and compatible with Slink, Maitreya, Standard fitmesh, Adam, Aesthetic, Belleza and TMP. It includes a 8 texture change hud.

Sarlah has on-

Body Info-
Skin- Sarlah has on one of the former VIP Group sale offers by 7 Deadly s{K}ins called, Aviana in Oak with the Akeruka Lulu Bento head and shape, Vista hands and Slink hourglass body.

Nails- Sarlah is wearing the French Tips/Ringed(Baddie Claws)  by Gorgeous Dolls. These great nails fit Vista hands, there are also versions for Slink and Maitreya available. It includes a great texture change hud as well.

Hair- The hair she has on is Melisandre by Head Desk no longer created in world, you can purchase this via their Marketplace store

Eyes- Inkheart created the eyes she is wearing. The Amal Eyes were an exclusive gift for SL F & O Group.

Clothing- She is wearing the Got Bear Ladies outfit by Facepalm. This includes a mesh overshirt and jeans, in several fitmesh sizes, a fitmesh tubetop, boots and even a solo cup. It is on sale during Super Sales Weekend for only $75L.

Gwen is wearing-

Body Stuff-
Skin- I am wearing Marigold 4th of July Dollarbie in Sand from 7 Deadly s{K}ins. This skin features a one touch Hud to color match using the Omega system. Less shadows on the Boobs and Butt, softer highlights, a better fit to mesh body parts, smoother texture.

Mesh Body Info
Maitreya Mesh body Lara
Slink Avatar Dynamic hands, and feet are Enhanced.
Akeruka Lulu Bento Head


Inevitable Madness -Jade Bento Shape.
A beautiful shape. The flow from the head to shape blends in perfectly. I could even match it in less that a few seconds, and anyone who knows me, knows how I struggle with things like blending. Stop by Inevitable Madness and have a look for yourself.
Hair- Wasabi Pills -Marissa Wonderful Hair. With several options for coloring to choose from the name here said it all. Of course, I just had to snag on to this one and show it off a while. with four braids meeting in the back and then continuing down to the waist. I went with the mixed color scheme to show off the outfit I had on.

Eyes- Inkheart Eternal Illusion Ever feel the need to want to possibly be a magician? These eyes make it happen. The deepest colorings and the glare will make anyone believe you are magical. Drop by and pick your set up today. Available in system or mesh and S, M, L these are the ones to have.

Nails- ~Go Frock Yourself~ Ribbon Nails Now I know at times I say I picked a set of nails to go along with my outfit. BUT, in this case I did not have to do that. GFY made a new set for the Guest List Event and with 10 different color schemes it was so simple and easy to do. In fact, one of the colors did just happen to match perfectly with the outfit I have on. This new color I have on is from the same palette as before and as usual they do match the outfit and my mood exactly. The Guest List Event Aug. 11th - 20th

Clothing- +Facepalm+ Jia A 6 Color Hud starts this cute outfit off making it easy to blend with any other attire you choose. Made form fitting and so classy yet just enough sexiness to make people wonder and Awe as you strut down the street. It is on sale during Super Sales Weekend for only $75L.

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