Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The She-Guardian

I went last night to the Nightmare Event, wearing my finest, well..ummm nothings. A few people ran away at the sight of me, something about being in the great maze they had there and rounding the corner to come face to face with a gargoyle. I mean, I guess I can't blame them, but who do they think watches their backs at night?  So this maze is part of a walk through hunt where you pick up pumpkins for some cool prizes, if you haven't been to that event, do so! 

Now, speaking of another great event that will be opening on October 10-24
, From the Shadows They Do Come, presented by Hidden Sanctuary Events: Great events for your dark fantasies and Gothic desires. This is where you can find this fantastic avatar for purchase, along with her sisters and brothers too for the guys! There are a few different color choices and they are great. The eyes even blink if you want them to. Mesh avatar so isn't a huge script monster and you use your own AO so you can control the scripts used there as well. And as for the poses, they are by Verocity and called the Seven Sins. I must say, I am a rather sexy looking gargoyle striking those poses.

The Nightmare Event 2015
Inside the walk-through hunt

Poses & Props
 Seven Sins Pose Set
Body Stuff
Avatar Bizarre
 Gargoyle Female Avatar 
HSe- From the Shadows They Do Come OPENS October 10th

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