Tuesday, June 6, 2023

A Day at the Pier

 YoU By GeMyles - Claudine Dress 

Ring tied split dress with panty liner. Includes 15 solid texture HUD. Also available in a sheer version. Fits Maitrea, Petite, Legacy, Perky, Reborn, Erika, Gen X Classic/Curvy, Dainty, Peach, and Kupra.

MOoH! - Tizzy thigh boots light

 Also available in a dark pacck. Texture HUD with 8 boot colors, fits Maitreya, Legacy, Reborn, and Kupra.

no.match -   NO FLIRT 

 16 items to collect including 3 different hairstyles, and various texture HUDs. Currently at the Arcade June 1-30.

VENGE - 'Rosa' Neck Tattoo 

BOM tattoo layers made for Lelutka Evo X Head, includes 7 different tattoo styles in 3 opacities each.

Fashiowl - Otter Pier
Pieces to collect include:
Balloons: 4 poses with balloons, Popcorn : 4 poses with popcorn, Love: 3 couple poses, Love B: 3 couple poses, High Striker: 3 couple poses with Mallet, Stools: 2 stools, 1 male stool with 4 poses and 1 female stool with 4 poses, Food Tray: A pose with food tray, Big Balloon: 1 balloon with pose and other only decor, Seagulls: 4 poses with seagulls, Kite: 4 poses with kite, and Otter Pier RARE : The rare item is a pier scene, is a complete scene fully decorated, food stalls, animals, details everywhere. You can create great scenes with the complete pack! You can simply purchase the entire fatpack as well! Currently at the Arcade June 1-30.

enLight JEN head skins (EvoX) 

  Available in a variety of skin tones (Taupe tone worn here) with lots of extras included: Skin tattoos w/wo natural brows, freckles tattoo for face and upper body, moles tattoo for face and upper body. Matching shapes for Lelutka Siwa head and multiple body shape options available at the main store.

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