Tuesday, August 24, 2021



Over the years I have met so many people from all walks of life here in Second Life. Many that became family to me. Some are still around, but we don't talk as much, and some have passed on. Others have moved on to other games or into their real lives. But, they will always hold a special place in my memory and heart. At times, I'll pull out old pictures and texts to read and remember them, smile a little, perhaps shed a tear here or there. Never forgotten and forever a part of my SL. 


Truly Outrageous Fashion - Flora Boots

30 Color Change HUD in Fatpack, 12 Exclusive Texture in Mininpack. Materials Enabled. Fits Alice, Belleza, eBODY, Kupra, Legacy, Lovebody & Lovemomma, Maitreya, Slink, and Tonic

Something New -  I Will Be...

 Pose prop with 3 poses and hold-able props included

Sn@tch - Wanna Be String Tops

Rigged mesh top in 48 Random patterns, 5 sizes include Petite, Maitreya, Freya, Legacy,and Kupra

Sn@tch  Harley Hair 

Includes 2 sizes and fatpack of textures. A Riot Vendor item this week! 

Sn@tch  Frisky Hotpants 

Sizes include Belleza Freya/Isis, Legacy, Maitreya, and Slink Hourglass. Comes with Solids and Stars texture HUD

ND/MD TIA shape 

Includes options for regular + Inithium mesh bodies. Also on sale at The Inithium Event Aug 18th – Sept 8th 



Full BOM skins and shape for Catwa HDPRO . FULL BOM Skins, meaning face and body skin are one, rather than two layers. This is available in 12 skin tones!. And there is also a shape that you can purchase for this.  Worn with CATWA HDPRO MajerSoft headand Legacy body. Currently 30% off at The Inithium Event 

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