Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Sweet Relaxation on a Warm Evening

Gwen is out having some time with a few of the cubs so the youngest cub and I decided to stay in for the evening and just relax a bit. Oh, the sun is back and I am loving it.

 Shopping List

(Sponsors in Bold Print)


Stargazer Creations -  Variety Skin Set BOM - 2020 Peach Tone Unisex skin set includes male and female system skins, face tattoos, and system eyes at the Skin Fair March 13 - 28

The Skin Fair 2020 is presented by:
Pale Girl Productions & Taox Tattoo owned by 0Claudia0 Novaland

The Skin Fair 2020 is sponsored by :
Genus Project

Information for Shoppers:
 - Every store will showcase new and exclusive Skins, makeups, tattoos, and mesh body parts
 - The Sims are PG so please make sure all private parts are covered
 - A Complexity limits of 100,000 will be enforced

Stargazer Creations - Shape - Hamiko Catwa Baisers / Legacy Perky Skin Fair Includes Shape for LEgacy Perky, system layer clothing layers thong and bra, system eyes and style card. Making it's debut at the Skin Fair
Mesh Body Parts:
 LEGACY Female Mesh body 
Catwa - Catya head  

!!Firelight!! Nichole Gen2Plus
An original unrigged mesh ultra curly updo that features 2 texture options in a variety of different packs to choose from. At Swank March 7 - 29

VENGE  Maitreya - 'Stiletto Nail' Starter Set 
These are rigged for Maitreya Lara body.
Works ONLY with the Venge Stiletto Nails includes a texture HUD of 9 vibrant colors.
These can be found at the Skin Fair

Stargazer Creations -Body Shine Materials - Pop Diva 
(seen on face) Includes body lights in 3 options, appliers for Catwa, Evolved Omega, Legacy, and Maitreya. An exclusive at The Liaison Collaborative March 3-26
See it in action on my former post video

Tylar's Treasures -  Heaven's Gate Drape
 Resizeable with 4 color change menu
Tylar's Treasures -  Heaven's Gate Bento Bed - Adult
 4 color change menu, includes single sits for m/f, slow dances, cuddles + sequence, and adult animations + sequence. There is also a PG/Cuddles version available with all minus the adult animations. Both versions can be found on sale for 25% off at the Girls Heaven Event March 8-31

CKit Falconry - Black Wolf 
Rez or Attach animesh wolf A 100% donation item at HullabaZoo March 10 -31
These are friendly animesh wolves to wear as a companion or rez to wander inside the range you specify. Customize them by changing their coat or eye texture. Rename them and show or hide their name with floating text. 2 sizes are currently included with 2 more coming in the next major update.

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