Monday, July 16, 2018

Reading Room

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A great place to setting back and enjoy the latest horror novel in my library.

Park Place - Black Leather Reclining Chair & Book Table is a prize in the Around the Grid in 80 Days hunt 6 July 13-Sept 30. Starting Location : Go Frock Yourself
Dixie Dandelion - Barbary Industrial Coffee table is also a hunt gift in the Around the Grid Hunt.

The Little Bat- Poster Gacha V1 contains a bunch of great posters you can win. Exclusive at Suicide Dollz July 15-27.

+Half-Deer+ & Le Poppycock - Kitty Galore. This little cat is part of a pose collection. There are 3 different versions to choose from.

Salacity - All of these items are shown in the Staging Stall. A 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

Satomi's 2017 Vintage windlight used

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