Friday, April 13, 2018

Fairies in the Garden

Lunar Seasonal Designs created these beautiful garden items as exclusives for Twe12ve's Fairytale round April 12-30. These include:
- A menu driven Triple Tree with Coreopsis Planting. Change the textures of the tree leaves from 4 options, the leafy ring from 11 options and the Coreopsis in 6 groups or all from 11 options each.

-Spanish Daisy and Dahlia Planting. Change the Dahlia, 3 Groups of Spanish Daisies, leaves and soild from 4-11 options each.

- Quince Bush with Naturalized Crocuses. Change the texture of the Quince Bush from 8 textures including bare, blooming in 3 colors, and green leaves. And 11 textures for the Crocuses.

-Primrose and Creeping Phlox Planting. Change the texture of the Primroses, Creeping Phlox and Leafy Ring.

-Animated Fairies Waterfall Forest Garden- This cute indoor or outdoor decoration is resize-able and also comes with animated cow and ducks, along with a seasonal texture change menu so you can enjoy it year round. It also has a menu to give you a choice of what to plant in the gardens as well as change the color of the bowl.

-Animated Fairies Farm Garden Bowl- This is another cute indoor or outdoor decoration is resize-able and includes an animated deer with waterfall. It is also menu driven to change the seasons and color of the bowl.

 (each item is sold separately).

Satomi's 2016 sunny closeup windlight used in this post.

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