Saturday, March 17, 2018

Ostaras Cottage

Upon the shore of the lake, I happened upon a strange little cottage that appeared to be in the shape of some flower. How possibly lived here, I wondered as I crept forth to peer into the windows. Upon seeing what decorated the room, I quickly stepped away and went along my business.

 !Lyrical B!zarre Templates! created the Blossom Skybox as an exclusive for Ostara's Altar March 16-April 3. Though, I actually placed this on the ground and it looks great, just remember to put in a teleport device to get in. This is a gorgeous open air home with lots of light filtering through all of the large windows. You wont feel cramped at all in this skybox, it gives the appearance of roomy airy clean living.
 Shown here is the Ostara Altar Set by Moondrops. This is an exclusive as well at Ostara's Altar. It includes a working major arcana three card spread, a card box in walnut, the altar which is a rose marble shot through with gold, gold trim and walnut with shelves int eh back for holding books and tools, altar cloth in silk which includes a hud controller with pastel colors to choose from, a ceramic water bowl which is also included in the texture change hud, and wands in copper, quartz crystal and different types of quartz to choose from, also via the texture change hud. That isn't all, it also includes an athame with a cherry wood handle in iron and a beautiful leaf blade, and a pentacle in silver.
On the altar, I also added the Ostara rose candle which is their 5L hunt item at the event. This is a working candle in a rose-gold holder with a texture change hud for different pastels as well.

By Candle & Cauldron is the Flower Cone Burner which is their 5L hunt prize at the event. It is materials enable, has animated smoke and includes 4 versions.

Candle & Cauldron also created these great Wheel Calendars. There are 7 individual styles total each sold separately, 2 of which I have in the picture above, the Oak and Iridescent set. These are materials enabled. with touch control, and come with auto and manual modes. They even include versions for those in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the Northern. Another fantastic exclusive item at Ostara's Altar.
 Shown here upon the altar are some more items available at Ostara's Altar. By The Half Moon Market, there is the Mystical Lapidary Sphere in Bronze or Iron version. These are script driven texture change which lets you choose from 6 stone options. They are materials enabled and also 100% mesh. They have also created the lovely Spring Candle Set which includes candles in Blue, Pink, Green, and Yellow. There are also 100% mesh and materials enabled. This is their 5L hunt prize.

:{MV}: designed the beautiful Nuut Cosmos Eggs  for us as a 5L hunt prize at the event.

DELIRIUM +LUNACY+ also has some goodies for us. One of their exclusives is the Tibetan Bell. It is 100% mesh and materials enabled. Also, they have the Seasoned Mortar  as their 5L hunt prize. It is also 100% Original mesh.

Deadly Nightshade designed these lovely Spring Cauldrons which are available in Sky, Lilac, Sun, Rose, or Mint. They include small, standard and large sizes and are also materials enabled.

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