Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Treasure Rooms

Further exploration of Atlantis lead us to find the treasure rooms and what appeared to be part of the former palace.
I have some more great items from the Twisted Hunt - Atlantis March 1-31. to show you.

 United InshCon created this beautiful animated Atlantis Aquarium. Great for underwater homes or above ground alike.

Aster's Builts created this amazing mesh Ruins Replica Bridal Lounging Area as their prize in the hunt.

[CIRCA] Living has some really great Kelp Shells for us in their  "LOST ATLANTIS" Set. They come in sizes large and small, and include static and motion versions.

The Mesh Cloud created the lovely Treasure Chest as their hunt exclusive prize. This chest is Password protected, I wont give away the password but keep an eye on chat when you try to open it for a hint.

Painfully Divine  created the really cool pose egg as their hunt gift.

FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK created the lovely Seaweed 2 and 1  as part of the (Side Hunt Prizes).

Lillith's Den designed the amazing Nautilus shell(Side Hunt Prize), Phylum Panaria Flatworms, Conch shell(Side Hunt Prize), Mermaid ( gold, blue or green(Side Hunt Prize)), Atlantis Chest(Side Hunt Prize), Starfish(Side Hunt Prize) and these are just a few of the items available during the hunt!

Page's Creations designed a few items as well, the Tales of Atlantis  - Tall Standing Braziers and Tales of Atlantis - Forgotten Treasure gacha items, the Sirens of Atlantis Fortune Teller Machine,which is their hunt prize, and a Chalkboard with Plato Quote.

Gallery One created the lovely Homeward Bound table and display with divers helmet and books, as their hunt exclusives. The table is a limited design during the hunt and will vanish when it ends.

Satomi's 2016 Misty Surgery windlight used

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