Monday, July 24, 2017

Adventures in Many Lands

The Fourth Annual Castle, Home and Garden Contest runs from now until July 31 and there is SO MUCH TO SEE!! Hunts, games, entertainment, gachas, fantastic sims to explore and be amazed by. I wandered about some last night, while listening to the music on the stream and enjoying myself, so I took a few pictures for you. In fact, I have news on a mermaid dance that is coming up on Wednesday too! You can check out even more information on this fantastic event at

I first began my adventure last night in the CHG Small World/Atlantis Sponsored by KittyCatS!, I couldn't help but hum the tune to myself as I walked about. Here is there center stage is at, there are also gachas, auctions, a speed building contest and games just to name a few great things happening on this sim and others.
Each landing site has an information kiosk along with a schedule of events!

You can even see the different sims on the teleport map, upper and lower levels, it is just amazing.

 Next my adventure took me to Winterfell sponsored by Anonymous !! And I was soo excited to see the Wall there among other great sights. A live DJ was entertaining some visitors and playing great music here as well.

 Next I wandered over to the Bikini Bottom sim and this is where I met one of the designers behind these great places. In fact, it is her place that is going to be having that mermaid dance on Wednesday at 1 PM at the BIG sand castle. So put on a tail and come shake it a bit with everyone! There is also a great game to rescue smurfs on this sim as well.

 My journey next led me to Atlantis Sponsored by KittyCatS! Here, you find even more under the sea wonders, a lost civilization, lots of beautiful scenery, hunts and of course more music!

 There are many more sims to check out and enjoy, themes like Labyrinth! Camelot! Rivendell! Christmas Town! Beauty and the Beast! and Hogsmeade! Don't miss out on this adventure, and be sure to vote for your favorite!