Sunday, April 9, 2017

Furnishings at The Wash

There are some great things on sale during The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale March 29-April 12. Lots of great stuff to decorate your home with and most for only 10L!

The Call It Spring Hall Table Set was created by Low Prim Living. It includes the items on the table and the pretty picture behind it. Also shown is a Sock Monkey by *PAN*, a fantastic Vintage Spring Pouffe (Hydrangea) by The Artist Shed. There are 4 different pouffes each with a different pose. Also we have the lovely blue braided rug by Wood Works. Each of this spectacular items are on sale now at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Hanging above the Hall Table is this really cute Fishing Pole Frame set by Dixie Dandelion. It has 2 places for you to add your own pictures as well. There is also a 10L version of this item that is not modifiable so be sure you choose the one you want. Both can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Tiar created the Family Tree frames in 3 different colors. You simply add your own pictures to personalize it. My family is a bit..bigger than the tree though ♥ You can find this great wall art on sale at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Mystic Dragon Designs created the beautiful Maccon Vase set. There are 3 different sets to choose from, each beautiful. Another great item that is available at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Verocity created this great Curved Shelf which you can add your favorite collection to and display them proudly. This item can be found in the Totally Top Shelf's Treasure adventure happening now. Be sure to pick up your hud for this adventure at the main store. 

[Park Place] also has some great items at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale, such as the Water Lily Framed Poster and  Belgrave Drop-Leaf  Desk which actually opens up for you.

Low Prim Living also created the lovely Ashley Gossip Bench, and Framed Flowers & Seasons wall art. This bench has a naughty secret, with several adult animations as well as PG. Click on the picture for 8 different choices to display. This is another item on sale over at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

Wood Works created some rugged stuff as well. Check it out guys and gals, it's the Westchester Gun Cabinet & Ammo box which can be found at The Wash's Springtacious Cart Sale

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