Monday, October 10, 2016

SWARM OF DECOR 3 (First Week In)

SWARM OF DECOR 3 (First Week In)
The 3rd annual Swarm of Decor Hunt opened with a bang of creativity.  Twenty designers, twenty plus gifts in home & garden decor for only $7L. SOD3 will run until 12 midnight slt, October 24.  Come out & grab some great wares and do not forget to vote on the best hunt gift. Below is the full hunt listing with hints. For pictures visit

1. Whimsical Happenings (2 gifts)
Hint: Find me under a tree
Hint: Singing..Then we’ll be happy in that land where no cabins fall

Hint: Look near the hunt poster

Hint: Don’t sit on me!

Hint: Got enough clutter there?

Hint: I’m easy to find between the group’s gifts!

Hint: Please use hint giver by store landing
 Ghostly Fireplace

Hint: I am from Africa – raaawwwrrrrr

8. Myth
Hint: Twinkle twinkle little star….
Pumpkin Pouf - Halloween & Pumpkin

Hint: There are always so many sales during the Holidays!
Happy Halloween Deco

10. Hatter ‘n Hell (5 gifts)
Hint: Trying to hide out in black & white
(same hint for all gift locations)
Autumn Leaves Alphabet

Hint: I can be found lion around

Hint: I killed your plant so I’m not afraid to kill you!

Hint: Hunting makes me tired, I’m going to nap in this pillow pile

14. Palette
Hint: Watch out for spilled paint
 Hallows Eve Fabric
 Hallows Eve Fabric

Hint: In the lowest yard, look all around, Or your prize will not be found. Goblins,Ghouls and Ghastly Ghosts

Hint: Did you saw the Green kittens?

Hint: Where did I put my hat?

Happy Halloween Chalkboard

Hint: Check Hint Giver

Hint: Kick back and take a seat amongst the stars

Hint: By the bargains