Friday, May 6, 2016

Balloons For Sale

Aerwen is here with her friends the Balloon Mouse by Kaerri and My Best Friend -  Poodle by Fashiowl, at her Balloons For Sale booth by Little Llama


She's dressed up all pretty in her new outfit, Daydream wishes: Summer by Lil Bette's wonders for the Kid to Kid May Round. This adorable dress comes complete with the shoes and even giraffe! It also comes in three different colors.   The cup of milk she is holding is also at the event there's one for girls and one for boys.

 Aerwen is also wearing the Noelle skin (Toddleedoo) by The Cat and Fiddle.

Eyes are Inkheart- Hope Eyes - Celestial  in 3 Sizes System + Mesh

 Her hair is Karlie by Truth

And she also has on The Princess' Floppy Hellpup Ears by Sweet Thing. & darkendStare