Saturday, March 5, 2016

Circa at the H&G Expo

 Circa has some great items for you right now at the Home & Garden Expo which ends tomorrow, March 6, so don't miss out on these fantastic deals. This weekend everything in the booth is 50% off!  The toolbox planter seen in the picture is a gift at the fair, the bench and planter set are donation items. All proceeds from these charity items go to Relay For Life to help raise funds for Cancer research & associated costs.  To read more about the expo itself, check out their webpage.

 Also by Circa at the fair are these adorable cafe sets. They come with texture change menus for the seat cushions, glass table top, flowers, flower posts and even the metals, for a wide variety of looks to match your decor. Each package contains two chairs with 12 animations, and then one table with the flowers and another without. These are copiable items so you could set up a little cafe that would look darling!

Come see these items and more at area Hope 7 at the fair 

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