Saturday, February 27, 2016

Yummy Stuff in the Kitchen

So here we are in the gorgeous kitchen at the Brookside Home by Potomac Signature Homes. This is available as well at the Home & Garden Expo in area Hope 9! I placed a great dining set by Closer to the Heart in the dining room, which pretty much comes with all you need in such room. Then on to the kitchen we have some great items as well, lots of goodies to munch on! These are by Absinthe & Others and Irries Dollhouse. Irries also has a fantastic gacha at the event, which has a bunch of homemaking items in it. Such as this bag of groceries, kitchen timer and scale, there are muffins over there on the island, even some napkins in a holder.  Absinthe has provided the coffee and tea serving sets, which both serve you beverages to your liking. Also some yummy treats by Aphrodite Shop which are a donation item at the event. Giving 100% to the RFL.

Items shown in the Brookside Home by Potomac Signature Homes. Sponsor of Hope 9 at the Home & Garden Expo

Irries Dollhouse
Happy Homemaker Gacha Items
 1.Gacha! Happy Homemaker Groceries
2.Vintage Kitchen Scale
3.Vintage Napkin Holder
4.Gacha! Lemon Slice Timer
5. Gacha! Love Muffins
And more not shown ( See key below)

Afrodite Shop
Aphrodite Shop RFL foodies combo- 100% donation

Closer to the Heart Creations
Monochrome Dinette - Exclusive

Absinthe & Others
Lavender Coffee Service
Violet Tea Service

RFL Home & Garden Expo. Feb 14-March 6th
Sales, Exclusives, Donation vendors that give 100% to RFL, Entertainment, Hunts, Gacha, and Special Guest Speakers. 
Here's your taxi! 

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