Wednesday, February 17, 2016

My Living Room and beyond- A Home & Garden Expo Post

Today we are going to tour the garage and downstairs part of the house.  I'm going to start with the garage and guide you through these, so do be sure to scroll down to see all the fantastic items available at the RFL Home and Garden Expo.

The home, called the Brookside) is by Potomac homes who is the Sponsor of the section I am assigned to blog, Hope 9. Below is a map of the area for you. 

I go into further detail on the home itself in a former post.
This home is amazing and beautiful and so roomy I have been having a lot of fun decorating inside. It has an attached garage with working doors, and a stone pathway which you can place, but is optional. From the garage, as you can see, there is a short hallway and door which leads you into the kitchen..

The kitchen has a working fridge and oven which actually give you food when you click on them. A fantastic island for preparing food, plenty of counter space and a working sink as well. I placed some decorations down which are also items at the expo. The candle is designed by Moco Emporium and adds a soft mood to any decor. The beautiful flowers you see are a hunt item at the expo and designed by Cosmos. Beautiful detail and only 10L.

Moving futher into the room you can see some more beautiful flowers in a vase, these were designed by Cosmos as well. Wonderful work Cosmos! Next we have another one of those great egg chairs by Moco Emporium, this one is the hanging version and also has multisits. And on the floor by the same designer, a ruffled rug to add to the look. And yes, my dog is photobombing us lol. This adorable cactus is designed by Celtic Wolf and when you click on it, it will dance for you, click again to make it stop. This cutie is another item in the expo hunt.

Now on to the living room area. This great living room set was designed by Dekute Decor and is one of their donation items. Which means 100% of the proceeds will go to Relay for Life to help with cancer research. It has a texture change menu for both the cushions and the wood. On the table is another donation item, the Strawberry Daiquiri Tray by True North Designs gives you a drink when you click on it and shows alot of detail. The other item on the table is from another event which I'll tell you about down below. Also by Dekute Decor and offered up as a hunt item, is this cute pet bed planter. Something every pampered pet should have. Also, a low table with an elegant swan and bonsai tree to grace your home. It was the perfect fit in that nook by the staircase.

Turning the camera a different direction, you see the large fireplace with that wonderful detailed rock work. It comes with an option of what you wish to see, candles, fire, logs without fire, or chimney smoke. I show you two of the options in the pictures below. This fireplace is part of the Potomac home. Next to the fireplace is a red couch table and beautiful birdcage with flowers, both by True North Designs. They are both new releases with the birdcage making it's debut at the expo.

Finally we come to another corner of the living room where I have placed a Deco Foyer Settee by Nomad, which is one of the gacha items in the All That Glitters Gacha machine. Hanging on the wall is the memorial shelf by Celtic Wolf, where I have placed the picture of one of our loved ones lost last year to cancer. I hope you enjoyed my tour and for more information check below.

Worth mentioning of course is the morbid candy box by Insanity's Own, called From your ex and it's part of a gacha at the Bitter Love Gacha Fair.


True North Designs- 
Red Mission Hall Table- New release
Rose & Ivy Birdcage Planter- New Item making debut at expo
Strawberry Daiquiri Tray- Donation Item

Miniature Blossom Tree & Porcelain Swans on Low Table

Miniature Pink Clematis Plant in Round Planter
Gold on Crystal Heart Bowl with Anthuriums Hunt Item

Moco Emporium-
Egg Chair Collection v1
Ruffled Rug
Ivory Candle Flicker Free  [White]

Celtic Wolf-
Dancing Cactus This cactus will dance when you touch it

Remembrance Shelf

Dekute Dekore
[Mesh] House Plant Pet Bed : 10L Hunt Item
[Mesh] Modest Living Room-

 04 // Deco Foyer Settee from - All The Glitters Gacha
Set Pull price is 80 and 50% goes to RFL

 All the above can be found at RFL Home & Garden Expo
Feb 14- March 6 2016

~Insanity's Own~ 
Your Morbid Valentines (UrEx)

 On The Boardwalk Gacha Fair- Bitter Love Feb 5-19th

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