Monday, August 28, 2023

On a Warm Desert Highway

 Fashiowl - Summer Memories 

Items to collect include: 

1. Sofa: 1 Sofa animated via menu with cats and 3 poses (rez)􀀁
2. Puddle : 3 static funny poses falling in a puddle (rez)􀀀
3. Trolley: 1 static pose with Trolley and 2 animations wearable with ao with a trolley (wear)􀀂
4. Rainy day: 3 static poses with dog and umbrella (wear)􀀃
5. Basket: 3 basketball animations wearable with ao and decorative Basketball hoop (wear)􀀄
6. Dog: 3 static poses with dog (wear)􀀅
7. Cats: 3 static poses with a cat each (wear)􀀆
8. Pool Jump : 3 static poses with a pool (rez) There are included the 3 poses to use with friends􀀇
9. Cats : 3 animated poses with a couple of cats each, wearable with AO (wear)􀀈
10. Camera: 3 static poses with camera  (wear)􀀉

11. The Desert RARE : The rare item is made up of several items. A scene that is a completely decorated road. A car that includes 4 static poses. Some suitcases with 3 static poses hitchhiking. A fence with 4 static poses waiting. A mud puddle with 3 static running poses and a running animation. A total of 15 poses and a scene to create incredible summer stories! Available at the Arcade beginning September 1

YoU By GeMyles - Ada Heel and Socks  

Fits Erika, Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya, Reborn. Must have MAZE thighs to fit right. Thigh High latex heels with thigh high socks and includes down on right leg option. 20 texture HUD.

YoU By GeMyles -  Lenore Outfit

 15 textureHUD, fits Maitreya, petite, Legacy, Perky and Reborn. Sexy top and high hip skirt included.

 enLight  -  ERI 

Head skins for Lel EvoX and AK ADVX in several great tones (Lama worn here). Includes w/wo eyebrow versions, HDL body skin, head skin, neck blend, ear tattoos, and optional freckles. Get 33% NEW Release Discount w. enlight ~ VIP group tag! Exclusive at Reborn Event August 22 - September 7 

 enLight  -  ERI shapes for AK Maria, EvoX Halle and EvoX Avalon heads

Includes body shpes for Reborn, Maitreya Lara+Legacy, Prima, and Inithium Khara.  Get 33% NEW Release Discount w. enlight ~ VIP group tag! Exclusive at Reborn Event

 enLight  - +ND/MD HDX Body Skins

Available in 12 skin tones from white to deep tanned (Lama tone worn here) . Sport toned body skins with blemishes and veins! sport body shapes included! Will fit most human bodies.

Magika - Delilah Hair 

 420 hair colors that can be applied individually to 4 separate hair sections. Style options, tinting, materials option. Fitted mesh in 5 sizes including mens.

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