Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Ina is a Beauty

Six Feet Under - Otherworld Gauges 

Original mesh, textureHUD, materials enabled, resize/strretch script. For Swallow Gauge Ears.

enLight - INA (EvoX) 

Head skins includes with/without eyebrow versions, head skin tattoos with neckblend, freckles, and FREE body skins. Worn here with optional ND/MD HDL *Plus* body skin which is available t the main store. 12 tones to choose from, Taupe worn here.

enLight - INA (EvoX) 

Shape available for Lelutka Avalon and Akeruka Grace heads with various body options. 

enLight - HDL*Plus* Swallow Ear BOM skins 

12 skin tones included to match head and body skins. Taupe worn here. For Swallow Gauged ears only

TRUTH  Twist Hair

Includes textureHUD, mesh hair with 4 head sizes plus unrigged optional bangs, clips, and ties with accessory HUDS,


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