Tuesday, November 22, 2022



10 single or 15 design fatpack. Fits Kupra, Kups, Reborn, Legacy(Classic/Perky/Petite), and Maitreya (Lara/Petite. Available at Evil Bunny Productions' Black Friday Bazaar November 19 - 29

 ND/MD - Aila eyes 

BOM eyes sold in single colors or a fatpack

 ND/MD - JOE skins

BOM face tattoos Available in 12 skin tones from whitish to dark tan, (Blass tone worn here). Created for Lelutka EVOX + AK ADVX heads. Extras include: BOM skin tattoos w. + w.o. natural brows, white brows (tintable), multiple freckles face + upper body tattoo - BOM, moles face + upper body tattoo - BOM. PLUS There is a Free HDL BODY skin included! (Worn here is the HDL*Plus skin which is sold separately). Also available at the event are two shape choices, created for AK - Vanessa or Lel - Briannon. (will work with other shapes but be sure to check the demo first.) A NEW exclusive release for the Reborn Event  November 22 - December 5


NanTra Show of Hands 

Includes 6 single poses + mirrors


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