Monday, February 28, 2022

A Bit of Nonsense in a Twisted Way


It's that time again! Another round of Twisted Hunt! This time, it's alll about Nonsense! This hunt runs March 1 - March 31. And as always in the Twisted fashion, there are no hints, but a lot of fun for the serious hunter/huntress! Be on the lookout for Twisted Easels along the way, when you see one it's a sign that  the merchant has extra fun for you of some kind!
Starting Point is HERE 

So with all that, let's get on with the good stuff! Pictures of some of the prizes and other goodies to be had!

In this post we feature two of our talented designers. Multifarious  has gone all out for this hunt!  

Some of their items include the following which I have shown here: 
Prizes - 
- Nonsensically Alice Outfit Includes smokes, top hat, Hair rigged/unrigged versions, pants to fit Classic mesh, Freya, hourglass, Isis, maitreya, Physique, and pocket clock. There is also a male version to be found called Nonsensically Alan!

Side Items include:  jewelry all modifiable, THS22 cube stools + cube table, screens, and cube walls.

Extras that you can pick up for cheap include: 
- Twisted Ducbit Nesting for sale for 10L
-Yes, THAT Twisted White Rabbit decor rabbits are 100L
-Decor cubes - 50L
-Rugs - 75L
- Nonsensically Twisted Plush Armchair - 175L
-Cube tray is 50L

And let's not forget our lunch! Thanks to { collect }, regular and Dinkies can both be sure to take along a good meal from Mama! The Twisted Lunchbox - Nonsense includes a wearable version: with Bento hold animation, Dinkie size included! And the decor version which features copy/resize permissions and is 2Li  This is a  special item that hunters can buy when  in-store. 

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