Saturday, August 21, 2021




Something New - Beautiful Bride

Includes single pose and poseball.

The Bearded Guy - Gets Better Backdrop 

 Available in 4 color choices

Doe . Miria Devil . 

Includes horns and hair. This is part of a gacha collection. There is a sale at the main store as gacha will be leaving the grid. Many of the styles will be discontinued. Right now you can get them at 25L/pull. 

YoU By GeMyles Valentina Outfit and Boots 

Sizes to fit Maitreya, Freya, Hourglass, Kupra, Legacy, eBBODY Curvy, Tonic Fine. Includes 10 texture HUD. This is an exclusive at Designer Showcase August 5 - 25

ND/MD HDL body skins - INITHIUM

Choice of two packs, each sold separately. Light or Dark skins with 6 skins in each for the Inithium Body. An exclusive at The Inithium Event Aug 18th – Sept 8th 

Light + Dark skin packs with 6 skins each.

ND/MD TIA shape 

Includes options for regular + Inithium mesh bodies. Also on sale at The Inithium Event 



Full BOM skins and shape for Catwa HDPRO . FULL BOM Skins, meaning face and body skin are one, rather than two layers. This is available in 12 skin tones!. And there is also a shape that you can purchase for this.  Worn with CATWA HDPRO MajerSoft and Inithium Kupra Body. These match up to the new Inithium Body Skins and are currently 30% off at The Inithium Event 

ND/MD TAO eyes 

7 lovely BOM eye colors to choose from only 60L each! NEW and exclusive for WOW! event August 12-30

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