Monday, March 1, 2021

Candy Bathing!


Taking a bath in candy and cookies, not really such how good this is for my skin but it sure tastes yummy! 


Something New -  Bath Candy 
Includes prop with pose.  This is a prize in the Cheeky Monkey Hunts Life is Sweet ( And so are you!) March 7-31
HINT~ She picked up the Fallen Apple and chose the donut! Starting Hunt LM

EscalateD. Juniper
Unrigged, resizeable in streak/duo version. Includes Natural and Unnatural texture HUDs and styleHUD This is a group gift, so be sure to wear your tag when picking it up in the VIP lounge. 

Also worn with the hair and also a group gift is the Candy Universal HUD (can be used with any of the EscalateD hairstyles) Includes with/without roots options, solid/duo and materials options. 


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