Monday, May 25, 2020

Snuggling with Gwen Is the Best Part of the Day

 The best time of the day is when Gwen and I get some time to just chill and cuddle a bit. Life has been so crazy lately that this down time is very important to us mentally and physically.

 Shopping List
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. MILA . Kseniya Skin [Tan] 
  Includes BoM [Bakes On Mesh] system layers added as a tattoo layer. (Head skin only) and Genus applier. Body appliers sold separately at the main store.

Witch)O(Craft -  Linda Shape (Genus Strong Face Gift)
Created for the Genus Strong Face, iIncludes styling card.
Mesh Body Parts:
GENUS Project - Genus Head - Strong Face GIFT001 - Mocap
No longer available 

Maitreya - Lara body V5.1


DOUX - Elijah hairstyle
Available in 2 versions, Basic or Deluxe. Includes 4 fitted mesh hair sizes (2 breast) and texture HUD. Deluxe version also includes Styling HUD, Color change HUD and optional rings. 

Witch)O(Craft -  Gradient Bento Coffin Nails
Mesh nails rigged for Slink, Legacy, Belleza, Maitreya with texture HUD Exclusive and LIMITED  Sold at main store for Pop-Up Event May 23rd (this week only).


Have Unequal -  Dagmar Outfit 
Rigged for Maitreya and Legacy, each piece sold separately in a variety of colors. You can also purchase all in a fatpack with a universal texture HUD. On sale now at ROMP May 10-25


The Skinnery SLIM Toffee
Includes Maitreya applier and BOM layers with breast options.

Mesh Body Parts:
GENUS Project -Genus Head Classic
Currently Unavailable

Maitreya - Lara body V5.1

Firelight Heidi Braids
Rigged in 2 sizes plus unrigged version, color wheel and texture HUD included. Former hunt gift. 


Witch)O(Craft -  Daria Set (Top and Shorts)
Original mesh rigged for Legacy, Maitreya, Hourglass & Freya with texture HUD. Exclusive for Girls Heaven Event May 3rd- 27th



Dictatorshop -  Swan Lake Collection

This new Swan Lake Chaise is part of the upcoming Swan Lake series of items.  All versions include texture change featuring 10 fabric choices ( 2 solids, 4 lotus prints, 4 rose prints) as well as 10 base color choices (half with silver trim and half with gold trim).  The white and silver versions take a tint well if there is a particular color you are trying to match.  The texture change is accessed from the logo on the back. 

-  The Swan Lake Ladies Chaises come in three versions to allow you to choose exactly what fits you best.  PG/Everyone, Adult Vanilla, and Adult Kink Femdom 
 The menus in all versions are carefully divided to assist you in quickly finding the animations of your choice with PG, Adult and Adult Kink clearly designated.  In the adult versions the various positions and who is doing what to whom is very clearly designated to prevent any jarring confusion while in play.  Even if you don't remember the exact animation you want, you are always at least in the right ballpark and the menus are designed to work from top left to bottom right for a smooth easy progression for those intimate moments.

-The Swan Lake Vanity comes in three versions, sold separately.  All versions feature texture change from the logo on the bottom right side.
- PG/Everyone, Adult Vanilla, and Adult Kink Femdom 
 There are 10 wood/trim combinations and 10 fabrics.
They match the rest of the Swan Lake series.  All contain auto rezzing props for makeup, drinks, tablet reader, etc.
 All versions contain 34 female mocap dances which include sequences to allow hands free variations.

-The Swan Lake beds come in two versions, Adult and PG and both have hetero and lesbian menus.

One feature of all versions is that this is clearly furniture "for her" with lovely seating and reclining anims for her to relax and when ready to socialize (or more) with a partner, thus the name Ladies Chaise!

All furniture includes a texture change HUD that matches the other pieces in the collection. 

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