Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The Nyctophiliac's Home

Nyctophilia Definition: “Love of darkness or night; finding relaxation and comfort in the darkness.” With the lights down low, this is a perfect place to be.

 Shopping List

(Sponsors in bold print)

Beauty of Darkness - Darkness board is available at the main store.

Salacity - the Sotto Chair, in a PG version, with a number of awesome texture options and loaded with animations.
- Filson Table. This matches the Sotto Chair perfectly and is also versatile enough to fit almost anywhere. Light and dark options are included.
-Concrete Candle Holder.  There are 2 versions of it, with 5 sets of textures for each.
These are exclusives at the UnderDog event July 14- Aug 9.

 - All of these items are shown in the Staging Stall by Salacity . A 3 sided room for photographers to set up scenes. You can change the textures for the columns, walls, and floor with the 36 texture change menu by touch. There are also 5 preset themes.

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