Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Pets Gone Wild

 They are totally out of control! Into everything! Aerwen even tried some pet shaming, of course, that didn't work at all either.

MOoH! created these little rascals, which are part of two different gacha collections this month as The Gacha Life June 5 - 30

There are the Naughty pets gacha shown in the top picture. We have the Black kitten box and Garden puppy blonde. There are several cute pets available to win and each are 40L a try. There are 11 commons and 1 rare to be won

The bottom three pictures show items from the Pet shaming gacha. Included are the Chewing dog, Freeloading chicken, Lucky dog, Shame dog (RARE),and Slack cat. This collection contains 9 commons and 2 rares to be won.
There is even a cute gift set out to go with the rest for you!

Also shown are items by The Little Branch. The animated MangoTree V2 with seasons texture hud containing 2 seasons, and instant rez, the animated Snakeweed, summer version which is also instant rez, Wild Grass in dry version, also animated and the hill to pull the look together.

Jay Battlescars 4.0 Summer windlight

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