Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Hobby Farm

Ever dream of living on a farm? Now you can with the help of DFS (Digital Farm System).
DFS (Digital Farm System) has some great breedable items for you at the SL Home and Garden Expo and Breedables Fair May 19-June 2. Their booth can be found on Expo 5
  You can find out more information about this event and the worthy cause they raise money for here:
Shopping Page - https://slhomegardenexpo.com/shopping/

There is the Starter pack which consists of the following items:

•Farm tools: (1 dirt fields, 1 water fields, 2 bags of fertilizer, and
water well, wooded trough)
•One cow and one bull
•Seeds (Hay, sugarcane, tomato)
•Animal food (1 bales of hay)
•Trees (one apple and one orange)
•Kitchen appliances (one open-fire stove, butcher table)
•Farmer Food kit (ingredients and instructions for 10 tomato soup)
There is also two great items exclusive to the Expo:
The Flowers - Roses Purple
And Mr Clicky - Bird Bath.
There's a lot of information to go over on  these, to be sure to check out their blog here:  https://www.digitalfarmsystem.com/

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